LED Display

The LED(light-emitting diode) display, or LED screen, is a flat panel display assembled by many small LED modules.

Frida provides commercial LED displays for a variety of industries and professional fields. According to the display environment, we offer both indoor and outdoor types, which are suitable for stadiums, retail shops, factories, schools, hospitals, music halls, airports, expressways, and more. All types of commercial-grade LED displays meet the requirements for both indoor and outdoor use. Our expert staff will assemble modular LED screens to meet your requirements.

    1. 3D Hologram LED Fan DisplayCreate, manage and show your ads with a high-tech visual magic - Glass-free 3D holographic effect. The 3D hologram LED fan display is an exceptional advertisement method for logos, commercials, and product display.
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    1. Indoor LED displayBased on SMD technology, Frida’s indoor LED display provides a seamless, high-resolution and high-brightness display solution, with an intelligent image quality performance. Its lightweight design makes the display easy to install
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    1. Outdoor LED displayFrida’s outdoor LED display is computer controlled for the display of a variety of information. Comprised of high quality LED components, it works in all weather conditions, with an IP65 protection grade.
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    1. LED Display With High Level Of Transparency Frida’s LED display with high level of transparency is a brand new LED display that can be placed in a window. The transparent LED display will create a refreshing atmosphere for your customers before they enter your location.
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    1. Fine Pitch LED DisplayFrida’s fine pitch LED display has lower pixel pitches and more pixels per unit, thus images and videos will be clearer, allowing viewers a more enjoyable experience at a closer viewing distance. The display is suitable for commercial exhibitions
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The LED displays are available in a variety of pixel pitches:
Indoor LED display modules:
  • 2.5mm pixel pitch modular indoor LED screen
  • 3mm pixel pitch modular LED display
  • 4mm pixel pitch modular indoor LED display screen
  • 5mm pixel pitch modular indoor LED screen panel
  • 6mm pixel pitch modular indoor LED display module
Outdoor LED display modules:
  • 4mm pixel pitch modular outdoor LED screen
  • 5mm pixel pitch modular LED display
  • 6mm pixel pitch outdoor LED curtain screen
  • 10mm pixel pitch modular indoor LED screen panel
  • 12mm pixel pitch Large size LED display module

Generally, the higher the number of pixels, the clearer the image will be, and the more expensive the LED display will be. For instance, the recommended viewing distance of the P10 modular LED display is 10-20m.

Our LED display with a high level of transparency can satisfy all customer requirements for commercial ad screens.

For live shows, especially indoors, a smaller pitch LED display is available, with the minimum of 1.25mm.