LCD Display

We provide a variety of LCD displays (liquid crystals displays) for customers to choose from, all in an array of sizes and interface modes for different uses.

Frida’s commercial LCD display is a flat panel monitor that reflects color or monochrome through the use of liquid crystals, ensuring image display is clear and vivid. These LCD screens are ideal for use as commercial digital display signage, LCD televisions, computer monitors, cockpit displays, instrument panel displays, and more.

Frida offers OS, Android, and Windows interactive LCD display products in a variety of sizes and types for customers to choose from. Single LED screens and LCD video walls can also be customized according to customer requirements.

    1. Commercial LCD DisplayFrida’s commercial LCD display features a high brightness and high contrast ratio, all at a reasonable price. It is widely used in shopping malls, hospitals, movie theaters and more.
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    1. All-In-One Interactive Touch LCD Digital SignageWall-mounted interactive touch LCD displays, vertical standing interactive touch LCD displays and slant standing interactive touch LCD displays are all available for customers to choose from.
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    1. LCD Video WallFrida offers LCD video walls in a variety of sizes and multiple resolutions. These LCD video walls feature an ultra-narrow bezel, ensuring an immersive experience for viewers.
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An LCD display offers a refreshing experience for users when shopping, working, or socializing as a clear, digital signage, system monitor, or entertainment communication tool. A few of our LCD displays are shown below, and we encourage customers to contact us for more information or customization options.